How to Be Inspired When You're Depressed

  • By Lindsay Tsang
  • 24 Jan, 2017

When it is hard to be passionate about life

How to be inspired when you're depressed

I have a difficulty when working with depressed clients.

By nature of depression, they have a difficult time coming up with a list of things they want to do.

It’s simple. When you’re depressed, you have little energy to face the day.

By doing little, you’re inspired little.


It’s a vicious cycle, so how do you get out of this slump?


Here are 6 tips to get you started.

Get Help

It is not weakness to ask for help. It is not a burden to your loved ones. Reach out to someone! This is logical:

If your self-talk isn’t working, it’s time to get someone else to talk into your life.

Change things up

Depression is a habit. We do what feels like the path of least resistance. So begin by choosing one thing that you do differently for the rest of this coming week. Make that decision now.

Morning routines

Usually, in a depressive slump, the first thing that goes is a solid morning routine. You wake up and let the day happen to you rather than taking hold of the day. Do this: Write a list of things you will do every morning 5x a week for the next month. Commit to doing it, don’t give yourself another option. Turn your morning routines into the habit and you’ll change your outlook on life. Some routine ideas include exercise, coffee, and breakfast, reading, etc.


There are more than one ways to reflect. Some enjoying journaling, others need a good bath (me), and some need a walk in nature. Some people need to talk with someone or they can’t figure themselves out. The important thing here is self-awareness. Check your moods and recognize if some things work and if some don’t.

Change your media inputs

You know the saying; you are what you eat. It is true with what you input into your mind. What you read, what you listen to. I love television and entertainment. I know, though, that when I spend an unbalanced amount of time on it, I become numb. So I pick up books that teach me. I take courses that pique my interest. I pick things I want to learn and try them out.

Write a new idea per day

If you are having a hard time deciding new things to do, then make this your priority for the next while. Force yourself to write one new idea per day. Write an idea for things you want to learn. Write an idea for how to improve your relationships. Write an idea for new hobbies to try out. Keep going until you have a decent size list and then start prioritizing the top five.

The bottom line is this. If you continue the same, depression will get worse. Do things differently, and you have a chance of reversing depression. So what is there to lose?

If you need help with any of these, send me a message below!

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