Get Unplugged- Why Being Connected 24/7 is a Mistake

  • By Lindsay Tsang
  • 08 Mar, 2017

Last Friday, CTV News Barrie came to interview me about the adverse effects of being connected to our devices. Here, I want to give you the fuller gist of the interview:

Get Unplugged- Why Being Connected 24/7 Is a Mistake
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What are the negative effects of staying connected on our devices?

There are at least 3 problems that came to the top of my mind:

1. Consistent sense of urgency

Let’s take a moment to look at the purpose of most of the apps on our devices. They are to provide a service but also to make money. That means they are a marketing device that is constantly trying to get your attention. Why else do you think most of them want you to set up notifications so you can continue to come back to the program?

The problem this causes is a heightened sense of urgency to solve things quickly. Everything requires my attention, and now I’ve depleted my energy solving things that are not in line with what I’ve intended to do this day.

This is a sure-fire way to increase anxiety and in the long term cause crashes.

2. An attack on our self-esteem

 Similarly, social media comes at us at a furious pace that does not match real life at all. Real life requires patience. When you have 1000 friends on Facebook, every other minute someone is getting hired. Another person is getting married. And yet another friend is celebrating their babies first steps. This gives us an illusion that life is happening at a furious pace and we’re falling behind. No wonder, those stuck scrolling through social media all day have lower self-esteem

3. Relational distance

Has your significant other become irritated that you did not answer their text message? Like point no. 2, being connected have given us an unrealistic expectation of speed that does not match up to real relationships. Relationship building takes time.

Devices have also given us an unlimited access to feeling validated. Or access to feeling connected with the rest of the world in a shallow way. This gives the opportunity for people to miss the person right in front of them and instead is stuck in the cyber world.

What are the benefits of limiting screen time?

One of the first suggestions I make to my clients if they have high anxiety is to limit their screen time. Personally, I turn off my social media from 9PM-9AM just to give my mind a rest. What are the results when my clients follow through with the same limitations? Drastic results… I’ve had clients report up to a 40% decrease in their anxiety.

Imagine beginning your day, not in a sense of urgency. Imagine that you control your mornings, and learn to find contentment before you even begin other work? Wouldn’t this take away at least a big part of your anxiety?

This is the power of setting up your own limitations on things that are taking over your life.

Are you being overwhelmed by your screen? Comment below on how you are dealing with it.

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