Couples Therapy


Want to know how couples therapy can help you?

Do you remember the starry eyed days when you first met your partner? 
Somewhere along the way, you realize that your marriage is not all that it could be. 
Marriage takes work! Without knowing when it began, people can become unhappy in their relationship
You may need couples therapy if:
 You feel like you’re walking around egg shells at home
 You live in the same house as your partner but you’re feeling lonely
 Arguments are gridlocked and getting nastier
 There was a betrayal and you can’t seem to get over it
Lindsay Tsang & Associates Barrie Counselling Services for Couple Therapy
People go to marriage counselling for 2 main reasons. These are conflict, and drift.
Being in an intimate relationship, it’s easy to be in conflict with your partner. Conflict is not what set people apart. Miscommunication, criticism, finger pointing are what makes conflict unbearable at home. Often, you may wonder how it got so bad and feel lost that you view your partner so negatively. 

Drift is when the partners no longer understand each other. Their relationship grew cold. Over time, they live parallel lives but do not connect as they used to. This is when people might start asking the question, “why do I still bother?” This is also when one or both spouses might start thinking that they could do better with someone else.

Here’s the good news. There is hope, and marriages are salvageable even through the worst turns. It will take re-learning what it means to communicate properly. It will take building up fondness & respect, and building long term rituals.

I am informed in the Gottman marriage system. Let me help you to assess the strengths/weaknesses of your marriage. We can build a comprehensive plan to re-spark the love you had.
You can:
  Find security in your home
  Rediscover romance and affection with one another
  Feel the freedom to pursue your dreams within your relationship
One of the greatest measure of success is motivation. Clients that I’ve had truly wanted to turn their marriage around. My training through a Masters in Counselling has given me the knowledge to help. My ability to connect with my clients and work at their pace is what brings the results. If you are at the place where you are motivated to change, then the chance is we can do something about it.

For Couples Therapy, call Lindsay today or alternatively book an appointment online.

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