Suffering from depression way too long? Let us help you get FREE!

About 8% of adults experience major depression at some time in their lives. Could you be suffering from depression?
Here are some signs to look out for:
  • You are feeling tired consistently
  • You are not able to sleep at night, or you sleep too much 
  • You cannot remember details well or you are having 
    trouble making decisions
  • You get frustrated easily
  • You feel guilty or worthless
  • You feel a dark shroud of hopelessness
  • You no longer find pleasure in things you do
  • You notice big fluctuations in your weight
  • You notice a change in how you eat
  • You are feeling tense, sad, or empty

The Depression Cycle

It’s a trap. The most frustrating thing about depression is that you fall into a vicious cycle. Even if you are completely aware that you are falling in, it is not easy to come out of. Often we find ways to cope with our feelings that make it worse.

Nearly 30% of people who are addicted to drugs also suffer from depression! The worse is when people do not understand. They may say, “Just snap out of it!” You would if you could! Because of that, you may have a tendency to isolate yourself. But isolation will make everything seem even more hopeless. You also would not have an outlet to work through your thoughts and emotions.
Lindsay Tsang & Associates Depression Counselling Services Barrie Depression Cycle

Know when it gets dangerous.

If you are experiencing momentary depression because of an event in your life, it may be normal. If you have been seeing the signs for over 2 weeks, it’s time to reach out. Prolonging depression could lead to major depression or chronic depression. It is worthwhile to see a family doctor. They could properly diagnose you and prescribe medicine if needed. If you are having thoughts of ending your life, call a local Barrie mental health crisis line: 705-728-5044 .
Lindsay Tsang & Associates Depression Counselling Services Barrie Momentary Depression Know When is gets dangerous

Talking can help!

Many studies show that combining medication and talk therapy can significantly reduce depression. This is where I come in the picture. I can help you learn healthier ways to cope, and build up from small goals towards recovery.

Benefits of therapy may include:
  • Feeling less stressed
  • Get new perspective on problems
  • Learn to communicate what you’re going through with others
  • Stop the cycle before it gets worse
  • Even reverse the cycle and gain new freedom in life
Lindsay Tsang & Associates Depression Counselling Services Barrie Talking Can Help

Does it sound too good to be true?

One of the greatest measure of success is motivation. Clients that I’ve had truly wanted to break free and feel “normal” again. My training through a Masters in Counselling has given me the knowledge to help.

My ability to connect with my clients and work at their pace is what brings the results. Together with the client, we have made plans and watched complete transformation happen. If you are at the place where you are motivated to change, then the chance is we can do something about it.
Lindsay Tsang & Associates Depression Counselling Services Barrie Does it Sound Too Good To Be True

For Depression Counselling, call  today or alternatively book an appointment online.

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