Adolescent Counselling

The kind of adolescent counselling you need

It isn’t easy being a teenager.
Your body and brain are changing so much during this time that it can be hard to get a handle on things. And when you’re also dealing with the challenges of everything teens have to juggle:... 
  • school 
  • family  
  • friendships 
  • romantic relationships 
  • sexuality 
  • bullying 
  • substance use 
  • peer pressure 
  • social media 
  • extracurricular activities including work 
  • identity issues  
  • body image 
  • pressure to achieve/decide on career path 
  • life transitions (death, illness, move, etc.)
Many teenagers experience feelings of loneliness, stress, hopelessness, anger, depression, and anxiety. They may self-harm, or lash out at others, or consider suicide. They may turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to cope.
This is where I can help.
As a trained therapist with a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology, I am there to support you. Together, we will figure out what is going on with you, what you want to change in your life, and how you can do it. I offer a safe, accepting, and confidential space where you can think out loud, talk about your feelings, make decisions, develop coping strategies, learn important skills, and get an objective perspective on your problems. Once a struggling teenager myself, I care deeply about helping young people and look forward to the chance to do so! 
But what about those people who say, "These are the best years of your life"?
Don’t pay them any mind. We are all unique; and it is not shameful to struggle, it is human. In any case, the things you learn in counselling will help you to lead a better quality of life.

For Adolescent Counselling, call Andi today or alternatively book an appointment online.

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