How Therapy Improved my Injury Pains in a Remarkable Way

  • By Lindsay Tsang
  • 14 Sep, 2017

Alana shares her story of overcoming pain symptoms

Your pain is real. So is the mental pain that often accompanies it. Trust me, I know what that looks like. I figure this is a good time to share a bit of my experience with chronic pain. I was an elite athlete who didn't know I had done serious damage to my body until it was too late. I had broken my back and was forced to quit abruptly- with dreams of scholarships left hanging in the wind. What I thought my life would look like changed drastically . I was in my late-teens and the picture I had of my future slipped away as my injury took over. I felt defeated and angry at my body for letting me down.
I experienced years of treatment by every type of medical and alternative specialist. Finally, I tried therapy (I was, after all, studying psychology in school and didn't want to be a total hypocrite) . Yes, I was in pain but there was a lot more to it than just that. I couldn't "tough it out", "roll up my socks" or "deal with it" anymore.  Combining different therapies to treat the emotional and mental toll this took on me was key.
Therapy can have a profound effect on symptoms of pain. The mind-body connection is huge. Most doctors who specialize in pain will recommend a holistic treatment approach. This includes both physical therapy treatments and counselling. I took these recommendations to heart and went for it. Since then, my symptoms of pain have significantly decreased. I continue to learn how to accept, cope and realize my potential in different ways. Let me help you do the same.
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Alana Peters: playing as an elite athlete, Alana suffered an injury that would derail her dreams. Her healing process propelled her to help others. Alana has years of experience helping clients with their mind-body health.

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