Are Powerful Addictions Taking Over Your Life?

When you have an addiction, it takes hold of your entire world and the people in it.

There are two types of addiction: 
  • Substance: alcohol, drugs 
  • Behavioural: gambling, video game, eating, work, sex, etc. 
Addiction happens when we try to cope with issues as best as we can until we can't anymore- we reach for something outside of ourselves to escape.
You're here because you've tried to stop on your own.
Talk therapy can help you: 
  • Take a step back from the problem so that you can learn to cope
  •  Identify and address the crucial elements which led to the problem
  • Work to regain control of your life and those things most important to you 
You will be treated in a dignified, confidential and respectful manner while you receive expert, evidence-based counselling. Our counsellor will work with you to achieve your goals so that you can live fully. 

For Addiction Counselling, call Alana today or alternatively book an appointment online.

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